About Us

Prosaic is not going to win you the day. Your audience wants information rich websites bolstered by a spirited display of most advanced web design. In other words, your audience is keen to discover your business personality in your website. We help you deliver that.

We’re a small team of talented and hardworking individuals based in Kolkata, India. Our team is headed by the siblings, Dhruba and Dola RC. We’ve started in this business back in 2010. But that’s hardly our only credential.

Businesses like Zalando, Fastweb and Azure Azure have benefitted from our expertise. You too can utilise our know-how to kickstart your online journey or redefine it. Order our custom development package (a solution entirely tailored to fulfil your business needs), copywriting or simple website audit cum consultation service today.

Our process is fast, personalised and efficient. We provide value to your money. And, we’re looking forward to working with you.

Hit contact and engage in a conversation with us now.

Ghospara, Krishnapur,
Kolkata – 700102

Dola RC (@DolaRC)

Dola, a copywriter and blogger, writes compelling content for motivated clients like you. She helps you to engage with your audience, build a sustainable relationship with them and drive growth.

Dhruba RC (@DhrubaRC)

Dhruba is an experienced business administrator and web developer. His subject matter expertise, methodical approach and empathy prove to be a big boon for everyone who approaches him.